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About Us

Riverbed Tables is a project started between two brothers, Levi & Bryan.
Together we have more than 20+ years of experience and knowledge in wood-working, creative design, and similar fields. We started out of a simple garage, buying beautiful wooden slabs and customizing them for friends and family. It wasn't until we started getting a high volume of requests that we decided to purse our love for the business, and take our brand to the next level.

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Continuing to Grow

Today we continue to expand, now working with enormous suppliers and building a wide array of resin tables, barstools and furniture. 

Our continued experience in this field leads us to believe there are no other products like ours anywhere else on the market.

What Makes us Special

To ensure perfection, each riverbed table is UV treated, age-dried to contain 12% moisture or less, contains no Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and is resistant to all scratches.

Quality is the most important thing to us. Over the years we have learned what truly makes a professional craftsman, and it all comes down to the details! That is why we have hand-picked our team of woodworkers, and we are a part of every single project!

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Dedicated to Providing the Best Customer Care

Contact Us Today

If you have any further questions or inquiries, we would love to hear from you!

Contact us at: info@riverbedtables.com to directly message us or simply press the contact button below. 

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Brothers Bryan & Levi

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